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"Have your spine checked today!"

Originally posted on Dexknows.com 06/11/2009 - by Mike Anderson

     I just wanted to thank Dr. Billy Barnes for the adjustment this week.  Several years ago I had a c1-c2 fusion in my neck.  With metal rods and screws in place i've had to live a little different lifestyle by taking it easy with no contact sports.  This past week for the first time since the surgery I felt neck pain.  The pain was so bad it traveled through to my shoulder.  I could not sleep at night due to the pain, and thought I was going to have to go through another surgery.  I went to see Dr Barnes in reference to see if there was anything I could do about the pain.  He stated he wanted to adjust me.  I was in so much pain I said lets go.  I actually left the office in five minutes and felt better than I have in years.  It was unbelievable.  If someone told me that he could do this I would not believe it.  If word of mouth is the best advertisement, you better make your appointment now, or you will be on a waiting list.  Thanks again Dr Barnes